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Amazing Poland

Alternate Photo portrait of country in Europe
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Nidzica: building known as the "Little Monastery" originally belonged to the medieval defense system of the town of Nidzica. His part was a corner bastion of the city walls.


Pastor's house and evangelical church in Ostrowite village 5 km west of Golub-Dobrzyń.


tenement house "under the star" - Nicolaus Copernicus place of birth (museum nowadays) Toruń : Poland


Bocheniec village 5 kilometers (3 miles) east of Golub-Dobrzyń. On the right of farm building can be seen a shelter for cannon. It is NOT a bunker!! The cannon had its battle station outside and was pulled inside only during enemy bombing for protection of the gun and the crew. I made this photo in spring 1997 ... probably.

Tobruk type bunker. Bocheniec village, 5 kilometers ( 3 miles) east of Golub-Dobrzyń. I made this photo in spring ... 1997 ... as I remember.

The anthropoid rock (Polish : Małpolud) . One of many fabulous forms of monadnocks in the Table Mountains. This one is located on Polish part of mountains.

When Lithuania ruled the world...from the Baltic to the Black Sea.

Golub Dobrzyń

The Golub Castle in Golub-Dobrzyń. View from Drwęca river valley. The dome on the right blackened by a lightning strike. Photo taken a few years ago just before the renovation of the dome.

T34-85 best tank of World War II. This copy is now a monument to soldiers of the 1st Armoured Brigade of the Polish Army who took part in the battles for the liberation of Pomerania including Wejherowo town where the monument is located. I took this photo in april 2015.