Piotr Kraciuk

Piotr Kraciuk

Lublin, Polska / W pracy zarządzam projektami. Relaksuję się oglądając dobre filmy, czytając wykręcone książki i polując na smoki ;)
Piotr Kraciuk
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Type 3 Demon in the mental world.

Luthax was a senior War Wizard of Cormyr who conspired to take the throne. He failed but was eventually turned into a Ghazneth by Nalavara. The party defeated him prior to the Battle for Suzail.

awesome barbarian

Berserkers were fierce Norse warrior who wore pelts into battle of the animal they channeled (they were said to fight like the lean bears). They went into a frenzied rage, unable to tell friend from foe. Berserkers could not be harmed by fire, or iron.

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Dune Frank Herbert Introduced by Michael Dirda Illustrated by Sam Weber Afterword by Brian Herbert

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