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a poster with cats on the ground in front of a red and black background that says psie pole
Psie Pole, Wrocław, plakat z serii Polska, Ryszard Kaja
Psie Pole, Wrocław, plakat z serii Polska, Ryszard Kaja
two cherries are connected to each other by long green stems, with words written on them
Apetyt na czeresnie . Pagowski Andrzej . Plakat teatralny . 1994 rok . Galeria Poster.pl
Apetyt na czeresnie, Appetite for Cherries, Pagowski Andrzej
a poster with an eye on it that says sorry, i have no idea what this is
plakaty art deco - Recherche Google
a magazine cover with a woman's face on it
Design is fine. History is mine.
Andrzej Krajewski, poster for the cuban film Lucia by Humberto Solas, 1970. Poland / Cuba.
an airplane flying over the top of a tall building
LOT Polish Airlanes . Trepkowski Tadeusz . promotion advertising poster . year 2019 . Poster.pl Gallery
LOT Polish Airlanes Polskie Linie Lotnicze LOT Trepkowski Tadeusz Polish Poster
a poster with a man holding a beer in his right hand and the words fals sia noja panno on it
FIREMEN'S BALL Polish poster 23x33 1968, art by Jerzy Flisak. Czech film directed by Milos Forman, great wacky Flisak art!
a piece of paper that has some type of black paint on it with the letter l
Lech Walesa . Mlodozeniec Piotr . political social poster . year 1990 . Poster.pl Gallery
Lech Walesa Lech Walesa Mlodozeniec Piotr Polish Poster
an image of a poster with birds flying in the sky over a skull and moon
Lysa Gora, Polish Promotion Poster
Lysa Gora, Polish Promotion Poster by Ryszard Kaja
a black cat sitting on top of a poster
Ryszard Kaja. Plakat z serii Polska - zdjęcie
an image of a woman with blue hair
Swan Lake . Lenica Jan . musical ballet poster . year 1973 . Poster.pl Gallery
JAN LENICA (1928-2001) Contexto: Años 60 ÉPOCA DORADA de la escuela del cartel polaco. >>Tendencia hacia la METAFÍSICA y el SURREALISMO. Su estilo: _1º COLLAGE surrealista. _2º REINTERPRETACIÓN DEL ART NUVEOU. _LÍNEAS DE CONTORNO estilizadas y fluidas, dividiendo en zonas coloreadas. _Figuras ORGÁNICAS / SINUOSO _Amplia paleta CROMÁTICA
a poster with an abstract design on the front and back side of it, which is green yellow and blue
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Jan Lenica (b. 1928), Warsaw Poster Biennale, 1976; pushed the Polish collage style toward a more menacing and surreal communication in posters and experimental animated films. Then, during the mid-1960s, he began using flowing, stylized contour lines that weave through the space and divide it into colored zones that form an image .
an image of a poster for bronwicke in the middle of a field
Bronowice, Polish Poster, Ryszard Kaja
Ryszard Kaja, Bronowice, 2015