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Epic Fight Animales fer Hombres humor

Epic Fight Animales fer Hombres humor

Korean question vocabulary

A good overview of several question words in Korean. Asking questions is important in life, thus it might make sense to learn these.


Sorry~ I once used 죄송합니다 to a little Korean kid cos I accidently turned off the light while he (or was it she?) was in the toilet and I didn't know! Darn, I should have used informal talk to a little kid T_T

It's actually 어떡해....어떻게 is kinda like "how" in a sense. For example, 그걸 어떻게먹어? translates to "how can you eat that" or "how are you able to eat that."

I made an internet friend who was like 'yeah, I'm gonna start learning Korean so you should too!' So now I'm learning Korean apparently