Лада 21011 1600R / Lada 21011 1600R - Stasys Brundza's monster before the famous VFTS.

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Lada VFTS in Finland Rally (1984) - Group B dreams of the Eastern Europe.

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25th Acropolis Rally (1978) - Lada 21011 1600R

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Rear-engined racing beast Škoda 130 RS from Czechoslovakia.

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MTX (Metalex) 2000 A5 Engine Head with 16V Valvetrain - Based on modified Lada block with 87mm bore and 80mm stroke. Mostly used with Weber DCOE 45 carbs or Jetronic injection system & they produce approx. 200hp at 8000rpm.

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FSO (Fabryka Samochodów Osobowych) Factory in Warsaw. Assembly line for Fiat 125P in the 60's.

Streamlined Russian "F1" car conceived in Kharkov. It bore an 8-cylinder, 1974cc engine with an output of 340hp. Its wheelbase was 2600mm and it weighed 550 kg. With its maximum speed being 200 kph, Vladimir Kapsheyev established a national 500m record in the 5000cc class in this car, reaching a speed of 96.5 kph in 1967, but the car sustained serious damage in its competition use.

ГАЗ ГЛ-1 / GAZ GL-1 - When Arkady Nikolaev breaking the speed record of USSR. 161,82 kph in 1940.

ГАЗ ГЛ-1 / GAZ GL-1 - Fastest Soviet race car before the war.

USSR Automobile Race (1958) - Probably Big Minsk-Ring in Belarus.

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