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Frog lures r extremely valuable n hard 2 come by!

Field and Stream voted this antique fishing lure as the Most Artistic Rendition of Frogskin. The wooden “Wotta Frog” was made by Paw Paw Bait Co. of Paw Paw, Mich.

Coca-Cola Fishing Lure

How To Make Your Fishing Lures DIY Homemade With Bottle Cap. For those of you fishing maniac, why spend money buying various types of fish bait, let’s make your own from the bottle cap.

Mike's Hard Lemonade Fishing Lures: Gifts for Men or Women - Fishing Lures to Catch those Walleye, Northern Pike or Other Game Fish

How To Unmask Fishing Lures DIY Homemade Bottle Caps. Cover bottles are usually only used as waste that is not useful but in the hands of people kraetif this bottle cap can be a fishing bait.

Wooden Stools Unfinished | Extra Deep Step Stool, Wooden, Wood, Alder, Unfinished, Tip-Resistant ...

This is an unfinished 2 step knotty alder wooden step stool with extra deep steps. It angles out slightly from the top to the base making it very