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Cool dream catcher with wire wrapping technique.

Cool dream catcher with wire wrapping technique. ~~love this, of course with a beautiful stone or gem in the middle. Great Idea for a portal necklace too

Ready to move in: Aside from the slightly peeling walls, this still-grand room is in almost perfect condition

Photographer Niki Feijen specialises in urban exploration; capturing boarded-up buildings and decaying farm houses Images reveal furniture and clothes that remain in decaying homes where owners have long since departed

In Aarhus, Denmark. Chimecco is a wind chime installation that was created  by artist Mark Nixon and commissioned by Sculpture by the Sea.

The bridge…as musical instrument, created for the 2011 Sculpture by the Sea event in Denmark. Designer, Mark Nixon, transformed a bridge in Aarhus, Denmark into a gigantic wind chime. Nixon’s kinetic.

The Viking graves are shaped differently depending on whether it contains a man or a woman.   The graves containing men are shaped pointy like viking ships or as a triangle, while women's graves are round or oval. Depending on the burial customs of the time of   each burial, the Iron Age grave was covered with a mound, and the Viking Age grave was a cremation grave with a stone surrounded perimeter, inside which the deceased was cremated.

Lindholm Høje Burial Site With 700 Graves Dated To The Iron And Viking Ages