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Week of These pictures of the different animals are all very unique and different. I love how the lines twirl and wisp on the paper. Those lines help the animal come to life on the page. Drawings by Katy Lipscomb

Artodyssey: Wlad Safronow

Wlad Safronow (Russian Artist) "Melpomene" Adore how he uses Vibrant Colour and Bold Patterns in this series of female portraits. creating a Wonderful Art Deco style ✿≻⊰❤⊱≺✿

SCOPE Miami: Casey Weldon for Hashimoto Contemporary. A selection of work from Casey Weldon who is showing with Hashimoto Contemporary at SCOPE Miami, December through These images are a.

sonjabarbaric:  Mark Whalen, Stranded

sonjabarbaric: Mark Whalen, Stranded

Instead of creepily sitting on a relative's mantle, be buried in this urn. Then your ashes will mix with the soil and seeds and grow into a beautiful tree. Then one day said tree will be cut for paper, or worse yet, toilet paper.


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