white ink tattoo

White ink lace tattoo- white ink is REALLY hard to do this well, which is why you see so many raised, scarred white tattoos. I suspect this is some sort of tanning thing rather than a tattoo, but I like the idea

The History of Tattoos: http://intothegloss.com/2014/04/tattoo-ideas-history/ ah white ink is so pretty

Everything You Could Ever Want To Know About Tattoos

White tattoo your freckles into constellations

i've always wanted my aries constellation as a tattoo! black light ink would be perfect, it'd glow like stars in the sky:] the only thing that sucks is that i'm tan and i'm in the sun A LOT so it would have to be touched up every two years.

White ink tattoos

Lace sleeve by Watson Adkinson at Blndsght tattoo in Portland, Maine. -- I wouldn't do a whole lace sleeve, but I love the idea of a lace tattoo in white ink!