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Różne (nie)śmieszne zdjęcia, gify i memy z hetalii #losowo # Losowo # amreading # books # wattpad

Wallpaper and background photos of hetalia gifs for fans of Hetalia images.

Shut up., xamyachok: original

(Levi) Oi, Eren stop crying it's not your fault, it's going to be alright. (Eren) sob~Heichou~sob (What I think they should say.) Levi is a better father figure to Eren than Grisha ever was

funny hetalia | Funny Hetalia Stuff | We Heart It

OH my gosh YES PLZ! -------------------- I'm listening to really dramatic music and watching this and its the funniest thing ever

Funny Hetalia Images - May-hem [Updated 05/25] by AvalonMelody on deviantART

Hetalia - AFV - gif - Germanic's and Hungary by SydneyA - This is perfect and hilarious, fits their personalities so well!