Patryk Kosiński
Więcej pomysłów od użytkownika Patryk
Here is a collection of 29 incredible colorized photos showing everyday life of French soldiers from 1914-1918, during World War One. F...
In the Grove of the Temple of Isis by John William Godward
French Empress Eugenie was the celebrated beauty and fashionable wife of Napoleon III. Much of her famous jewel collection is now dispersed amongst Europe's female royalty.
Obverse side of an aureus coin depicting Emperor Augustus, c. 18-16 BC (gold)
Temple of Portunus (120-80 BC), Rome
John William Godward
The Roman Forum seen from the top of the Tabularium c.360 CE, Gilbert Gorski  Permalien de l'image intégrée
The roman slave market - Jean Leon Gerome
Detail : Venus Callipyge - Aphrodite Kallipygos. 1st.century AD. Roman. marble. National Archaeological Museum. Naples.