Klaudia Kortylewska

Klaudia Kortylewska

Klaudia Kortylewska
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From deep in the meridian. The yellow buzzing yellow light of the faculty rooms. The robotic pur of the destinas water vending machine collecting dust. Its the lonley song of suberbia. The grass is so unnaturally green over here

Eucyrtus gloriosus

I chose this image of the beetle because I love how the colors in it are extremely strong, and links to my theme well being about earth - beetles are found in the earth, and are normally looked at as ugly creatures.

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Best Tattoos for Every Zodiac Sign: Taurus; You love the good life and don't feel bad at all when you indulge in the finer things, like vacations (because you deserve them). The palm tree represents that sense of reward and pleasure.

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