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Through the zone of wrist you connect with the energy of a message

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Bracelet Two hearts together - for those who chose a road of love. Love is a magic power bringing our hearts together. Two hearts beating as one is a beautiful rhythm of love. There are millions of different love stories and only ONE LOVE. Amorem. Sterling silver. Handmade.


Adorable silver Earings Lace of life.Amorem. Sterling silver. Made in Russia.

Cord bracelet heart-shaped with a word Love written on a front side and an arrow on a backside and Cord sterling silver bracelet with charms: movable ladybug and leaf.The Ladybug is widely considered a symbol of luck and is seen as a good omen when it comes calling.

Coffee cup shaped sterling silver ring.This ring is unclosed. For coffee-lovers or could be used by young men as an unusual way to invite a girl for a cup of coffee. Just give her a ring and check the reaction.

The ouroboros (or uroboros) is an ancient symbol of a dragon (or a serpent) eating it's own tail, ancient sacred symbol.Ouroboros is a symbol of the cyclic nature of the Universe: the creation out of destruction, life out of death.Amorem. Sterling silver. Handmade.

Sterling silver cord bracelet with sterling silver Dream charm.Dream cord bracelet is for those who believes in a power of dreams. The only way to be happy is following your dream, living it. Just believe in your dream and let it come true.Amorem. Sterling silver. Handmade. Features adjustable cord.

Lotus is a symbol of life and happiness. Symbol of purity as it blooms in a swamp and mud remaining unspotted. Embodies the unity of opposites and creation oneself out of oneself.Symbol of maternal mysteries of creation that illustrates blossoming of a flower.Amorem. Sterling silver. Handmade

Adorable vintage style sterling silver earrings. They reflect light and colors of surrounding, making your day bright. If you like always hit the highlight, then Mirrors earrings are what you need. Amorem. Sterling silver.


Adorable silver Earings Calligraphy.Amorem. Sterling silver. Made in Russia.

Adorable silver Dream catcher pendant.Amorem. Sterling silver. Made in Russia.