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The basic idea was to make a visual identity that will unite (on the one hand complementary and on the other hand opposing) personalities of Drap agency.The logo is a compact typographic solution.

เว้นช่องไว้ให้เขียนเลย คือเป็นขาวๆใว้ คือขาวๆอาจจะใสก็ได้   เปร์ชัวก็ได้ ใส่เป็นรูปอาหารพิมขาวทับ

I like this design because it isn't "design-heavy" per say, the simplistic, small elements work well together. This piece looks very clean and edgy. The colors compliment the overall design.

Dieter Rams: Ten Principles | Bibliothèque Design

A seven colour, poster celebrating fifty years of business for Vitsœ,the producer of Dieter Rams' unsurpassed 606 shelving system.The poster is an ideological statement, featuring Dieter Rams' famous ten principles for good design.