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-cries- cute ^o^

I never noticed Kageyama had interacted with Akaashi, its so cute! < look at Suga watching them in the background

classic kenma :,)

This' me trying to get comfortable while I'm reading << gosh I can't look at cute Bokuto at the back

I feel bad, she had to see that

I had to re-read it like 3 times to realize their idea was to wear skirts not put Bokuto's hair up

soodyo: “first year owl headcanon (he used to suck at styling his hair until kuroo took pity on him ☼) ”

Haikyuu Hinata, Natsu & Kageyama

Lol and look the caption about kags liking small things but they don't like him. And then here we have natsu cling onto him, this is gold Haikyuu Hinata, Natsu & Kageyama

Group photo by on @DeviantArt

luaru: Karasuno group photos are a shambles.Couldn’t get this print done in time for Deecon but i’m finally going to set up an etsy or something and start selling prints online i swear, Deecon was such a blast!