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a young woman sitting on the floor next to a christmas tree holding a coffee mug
AXID Sleigh Tee
Sleigh Tee for Alpha Xi Delta, only at The Social Life #tslnation #thesociallife #sorority #sisterhood #axid #alphaxi #alphaxidelta
the remains of an ancient egyptian statue left and right are shown in this composite image
More on Cannibalism at Herxheim
About 7000 years ago in what is now Southwest Germany, was a city called 'Herxheim', a city that was mysteriously abandoned. A few years ago, Dr. Bruno Boulestin and his team were investigating the region, when they hit a grave containing the bones of 500 people. The marks on the bones show that the bodies were skinned and had their flesh removed using techniques almost identical to those for butchering animals. One researcher suggested that some of the victims could even have been spit-roasted.