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50 Portrait Photography Ideas | Infographic

50 Portrait Photography Ideas

50 Portrait Photography Ideas | Infographic

DIY food blogging backdrops for blog photography


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Description by This pose shows warmth and interest (leaning forward, a smile and a head tilt). Great to show that you're interested in your audience._____ Download the FREE app you can take to the shoot with you and a guide on how to hook your visitors through your images here:

Description by If you wrote a book, have a picture holding that book on your website! Adds a lot of credibility. You can also use ANY book in your pic to show that you care about learning new things!

Description by When you take pictures for your website remember about taking a few where you hold a white blank piece of cardboard or something similar (the photo doesn't need to have a white background though). It can be then filled with words or graphics by you or your designer!

Description by It's great to have an image like that taken when you have your photoshoot. You can use it anywhere on your website to visually let your visitors know that everything is great. It can be your "thank you page" after they sign up or a page you use after they buy from you. You'll show them that you're happy to work with them and that they made the right decision clicking that "buy" button.