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Classroom Freebies Too: Uh-oh! Where Should the Band-Aid Go?

Betty and Billy Boo-Boo-This is a receptive language activity for PreK and Kindergarten. Students listen as you tell them where Billy or Betty have a boo-boo and then the student (s) place a band-aid on the correct body part.

School Communication Cards

A selection of flash cards with different activities, ideal for using at school with children who find communication difficult.

Christmas Board Game

A collection of Yuletide themed resources ideal to use over the Christmas period. Includes several editable posters which can be used to promote Christmas events in your school,

Emotion Spinners

A set of two emotion spinners which can be used to encourage children to discuss different feelings.

The Gingerbread Man Story Sequencing Cards

A collection of flashcards featuring key scenes from The Gingerbread Man, created to help children understand the sequence of the story and retell the tale.

Interactive Weather Dress Up Bear -

PREPOSITIONS on/off. Interactive Weather Dress Up Bear - Imaginative Teacher, for teaching resources, printable worksheets, classroom displays and