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‘Dew-drops Kisses’ by Fiery-Fire

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삶이 예술이 된다. 블루캔버스(BLUECANVAS)

Behind The Glass Dark Art Drawings, Pencil Art Drawings, Cool Drawings, Drawing Sketches, Behind The Glass, Shadow Art, Art Plastique, Frosted Glass, Art Reference

Behind The Glass

I saw an advert on the telly the other day. As with most adverts, I can't tell you what it was for, but I remember the essence of the message. Broadly, the advert in question created a scene of a typical busy walkway where people passed one another, presumably on their way to work etc. They weren't acting normally, however. They were aggressive and violent, abusive and rude: uneccessarily so, caricaturishly so. It was a scene of normal people acting obnoxiously. It alluded to the way many…

08042011 a by guagapunyaimel on DeviantArt Fractal Geometry, Sacred Geometry, Fractal Images, Fractal Art, Fractal Design, Illusion Art, Psychedelic Art, Beautiful Artwork, Art Images

08042011 a by guagapunyaimel on DeviantArt

Another one. actually, this one is came up before the last one (the classic bipolar/splits). This one is what i called the modern bipolar/splits you kno... 08042011 a

fractal art: soft: "Fame" by Joe-Maccer via DeviantArt Abstract Landscape, Abstract Art, Psy Art, Art Graphique, Background Pictures, Fractal Art, Sacred Geometry, Asian Art, Amazing Art

Fame by Joe-Maccer on DeviantArt

Art & Design ©Joe-Maccer-[link] Apophysis 7X worked in UltraFractal 5.04 David Bowie - Fame _ Fame, (fame) makes a man take things over Fame, (fame)... Fame

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7 rzeczy do zapamiętania w 2015 roku - Kasia Pszonicka

Jeśli zauważyliście inny adres bloga to dobrze zauważyliście. Jest nowy. O tym czemu taki i co dalej jeszcze napiszę, ale nie dziś – poczekam, aż wejdzie w życie więcej zmian,…

fractal art: soft: "Somewhere Trouble Don't Go" by Joe-Maccer via DeviantArt Meditation, Alcohol Ink Art, Fluid Acrylics, Art Graphique, Art For Art Sake, Color Photography, Colourful Photography, Fractal Art, Diy Craft Projects

Somewhere Trouble Don't Go by Joe-Maccer on DeviantArt

Art & Design ©Joe-Maccer-[link] Apophysis 7X Joe Bonamassa - Somewhere Trouble Don't Go - [link] Devil had a daughter Took me to deep water Tried to... Somewhere Trouble Don't Go

Slow And Easy by Joe-Maccer on DeviantArt Airbrush, Phone Wallpaper Images, Iphone Wallpapers, Exotic Art, Alcohol Ink Art, Joe Satriani, Sand Art, My Glass, Surreal Art

Slow And Easy by Joe-Maccer on DeviantArt

Art & Design ©Joe-Maccer-joe-maccer.deviantart.com Joe Satriani - Slow And Easy ~ www.youtube.... Slow And Easy