Kocham.to - Gigantyczny magnes

Check out this Jumbo Mustache Magnet. Perfect for any magnetic surface that needs a giant mustache. File Cabinets, Cars, fridges all need mustaches.

Kocham.to - Magnesy wąsy

Our Moustache Fridge Magnets are a fun and quirky way to display your family photo`s. These funny fridge magnets are handy little kitchen accessories. Get yours from The Kitchen Gift Co ready for Movember UK.

Kocham.to - Etykietki na butelki wina

DRINK THIS WINE gift tags These clever tags turn a gift of the grape into a special event. Dressy and droll, with a crisp structure and a strong finish, they’re far more festive than greeting cards—and work equally well with champers or screw caps.

Kocham.to - Stemple do ciastek

Stamp Your Own Cookies Kit - make personalised cookies for friends & family as a Christmas food gift.

Kocham.to - Obrus

Add a contemporary yet summery twist to your dining table with an artificial grass table runner. This runner is a terrific way to add an unexpected element to an indoor or outdoor dining table.

Kocham.to - Gra o Tron - gra planszowa

Journey back to Westeros in with an epic board game experience in A Game of Thrones.

Kocham.to - Czekoladki

Are you interested in our Chocolate golf balls? With our handmade delicious chocolate golf balls great present for a sports fan you need look no further.

Kocham.to - Szczotka kuchenna

to - wszystko to, co kocham!

Kocham.to - Żelki o smaku piwa

'World’s first' beer-flavoured jelly beans inspired by Hefeweizen Ale In a perfect mash-up of childhood and adult treats, the gourmet sweet company the Jelly Belly Candy Company has unveiled “the world’s first” beer-flavoured jelly bean.