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two knitted hats sitting on top of a wooden floor with text overlay that says yarn review trubo and cobo yarn comparison
Truboo & Coboo: Yarn Review
In this blog post, I review the Truboo and Coboo yarns. The look the same on paper, but have some differences. I explore those and recommend the kinds of projects these yarns would be perfect for. Happy knitting!
two knitted sweaters hanging on a fence with the text farmer's market tote free knitting pattern and picture tutor
Knitting a Farmer's Market Tote in Cotton!
This farmer's market tote is made using your favorite cotton yarn! Cotton lends sturdiness and strength to this pattern for a Farmer's Market Tote. Knit in one piece, this tote has a solid base made out of garter stitch and stretchy lace sides. The lace pattern only uses k2tog, ssk, and yarn-overs, making it new lace knitter friendly.
a multicolored knitted hat sitting on top of green mossy ground next to trees
Dorrance Street Cap
Dorrance Street Cap – The Knit McKinley