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a bird perched on top of a tree branch next to a mirror in a room
Stems and Decorative Branches | Crate and Barrel
Moss-Coated Birch Branches | Crate and Barrel
there is a moss ball on top of a silver vase with a deer figurine next to it
*The Graphics Fairy LLC*
*The Graphics Fairy LLC*: Animal Graphics
two hands are holding a ball that is covered in green moss
Hanging Moss Balls
hanging moss ball tutorial
a moss covered bowl sitting on top of a wooden table
Spring green reindeer moss in a round moss covered basket
some white candles are sitting in small pots with greenery on them and hanging from a wreath
Private Site
candles in pots
there is a sign that says noel on the wall
Holidays - Page 2 of 9 - A Storied Style
moss letters - definitely want to do this next year!
moss covered vases with antlers and bows on display in front of a window
A Crafty Deer and Vignette
Holiday Decor- cover a plastic deer with sheet moss
a snowman with a wreath on his head standing in the snow next to some pine cones
Outdoor Christmas decoration ideas - 30 simple displays
handmade outdoor christmas decor small snowman moos hair
a table topped with a cake covered in green frosting next to a potted plant
The Swenglish Home
Brussel sprouts & moss... beautiful! Who would have thought ha?! mtdb
the process of making moss pots is shown here
Christmas DIY Potluck by Salt Harbor Designs + Millie Holloman Photography
DYI project
three small trees are in white pots on a table
Christmas tree topiaries.... Tablescape Centerpiece
some candles are hanging from a branch with moss
Wire, Moss, Candles ~ Gorgeous xo--FleaingFrance
a vase filled with red flowers on top of a table next to another vase full of green plants
Gypsy Purple home...... - (via dontblamemilquetoast)
wreaths hanging on the side of a door with ribbons and bows around them, and two pictures of wreaths hung from an old door
Holiday Wreaths
Juniper, boxwood & moss wreath.
three white candles sitting on top of a table next to a green bowl and plate
pretty . use lichen reindeer moss on a grapevine wreath
an image of a wreath on a tree
Gorgeous Christmas Floral Arrangements
lichen reindeer moss holiday wreath. perfect!
the table is set with candles, moss and pine cones
Weihnachtsdeko basteln - die schönsten DIY-Ideen | LECKER
Moss & candle centerpieces: fill small bowls with floral foam, then cover with cushion moss. cut 5 cm plug wire with pliers, and push one end into the bottom of the candle, then push the candle into the moss. add pinecones or other decorations too!
a christmas tree decorated with green and silver ornaments
Jeweled Forest Christmas Tree
Michaels Dream Tree Challenge This years tree is all about jade, apple, mint and silvery sage! Iridescent ornaments, silver glittered accents, baubles, birds, moss and more
moss growing on the side of a building with hearts hanging from it's sides
moss framed display
a wreath with moss and eggs hanging on a brick wall next to a planter
moss wreath
a wreath is hanging on the wall with pine cones -&nbspThis website is for sale! -&nbspbotanicart blog Resources and Information.
Christmas Wreath
three potted trees sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a table and chair
moss wreath from
a wreath made out of apples and other fruits on a table with a checkered cloth
moss garden wreath with vegetables, hydrangea and fruit
a wreath made out of moss and flowers sitting on top of a table next to plates
Bind krans med mig på Fridas Gård
Blomsterverkstad: Hydrangea and moss bind wreath - excellent page with a lot of wreaths!
three branches with green moss on them against a white background and one branch has no leaves
moss is growing on the side of a white wall and it's long, green rope
Moss Garland - Large - 10 ft- 12 Pcs/Case
the letter s is made out of moss and matchessticks to match the letters
Moss table numbers
moss table numbers
three baskets filled with pine cones sitting on top of a stone step next to a door
Basket Bird Houses - DIY instructions
a table topped with lots of different types of vegetables and plants on top of a checkered cloth
Mossy Centerpiece
an image of a table setting with flowers and wine glasses on the table for a wedding
Windermere House Wedding from A Brit & A Blonde
Wedding Inspiration Shoot from Tricia Fountaine + Caroline Tran
the table has candles on it and there is a wooden box with flowers in it
Rustic Santa Barbara Wedding
centerpieces by Adored Wedding Design // photo by
an arrangement of white flowers and greenery is displayed on the long table with candles
Windermere House Wedding from A Brit & A Blonde
moss covered vases are lined up on the floor
Windermere House Wedding from A Brit & A Blonde
Photography by, Wedding Coordination by, Floral Design by
a wreath is hanging on the wall with bells and moss in it, which are attached to a window sill
Christmas wreath
a wooden table topped with plants and vases
Fall Wreath
moss and lichens are on a wooden platter in the middle of a rug
Mosses and Lichen from Knud Nielsen
a bride holding a bouquet of flowers in her hands
Rustic Austin Wedding Hyatt Lost Pines
Moss and Monkey Tail Bouquet | photography by
the number six made out of moss on top of a book at a wedding reception
Windermere House Wedding from A Brit & A Blonde
Moss table numbers for an event. | via Style Me Pretty, photo by
a moss covered ball with the number three on it next to a fork and spoon
30 Best Moss Wedding Ideas That Will Look Beautiful (PHOTOS)
moss balls table numbers
a long wooden table topped with plates and flowers
French Woods Wedding Inspiration
moss table runner, photo by Trentième Étage #tablerunner #wedding
a candle is sitting on top of a moss covered table with candles in the middle
moss covered letters are displayed on the side of a house
Unique Wedding Flower Ideas
Designate the toasting area with a set of artful initials—or spell out a sentimental message of love. Photo: Alison Rosa.
flowers in mason jars hanging from a chandelier over a dining room table with plates and utensils
diy hanging chandelier
a moss ball tied to a wooden fence with a white ribbon around it that says all seasons
Oud vervallen schuur...
a green wreath hanging on the side of a wooden door with moss growing around it
Sites-JoAnn-Site | JOANN
Moss Wreath
some candles are hanging from a branch with moss
Wire, Moss, Candles ~ Gorgeous xo--FleaingFrance
an arrangement of greenery is displayed on a table with candles in the center and surrounded by moss
tiered wreath and candle centerpiece
a long table is set with flowers and greenery
Michelle and Christian
Moss tablescape.
moss covered vases with flowers and candles on a table
Looking to 2011 : Gardeenia Floral Design Studio: Chicago Floral Design Company
a metal bucket filled with lots of green rocks and wood chips sitting on top of a wooden floor
Flower shops of Barcelona
ball of branches and moss
an old chair covered in moss and flowers
Eye Candy from Oscar Mora, NYC
Designed by Oscar Mora
a wreath is hanging on a stone wall above a mantle with moss and pine cones
The Cottage Journal - Hoffman Media
Instead of traditional evergreen foliage, this wreath uses moss as a verdant background. Seasonal nuts, foliage, and pinecones are nestled into the moss.
a wreath is hanging on the front door with a bird and nest in it's nest
! Moss and yarn with baby pinecone owls
a moss covered wreath sitting on top of a brick wall next to a sign that says love your god
three candles sitting on top of logs with moss and purple flowers in the centerpiece
Handmade Temple Wedding
centerpieces of log sections surrounded by moss, with flowers interspersed, and votive candles in glass holders
some very pretty green plants on a wooden table
Naturals & Florals
Conifer Moss Soft Preserved Iwahiba 60 grams/ 2 ounces