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Assassins creed

Assassins creed Time to cry

Snowballs! Present for in a small SS event made by *neko-rulz I'm so happy to draw something for him, he's one of the artist I admire the most, from the oekaki board 10 years back and that today he...

A Sequence 11 retcon; I don’t think Haytham truly intended to kill Connor even if his son was crippling his Order. AC: Son, please.

Edward and Haytham

a thank you gift to FeralSeraph for rping with me a couple nights ago even tho she didn't feel like it thanks to shatinn for the title suggestion Assassin's Creed Unity © Ubisoft


This is my commission from Garama and it is perfect! I needed more of my in my life and I’m really glad I could get it through this beautiful art!