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vintage library card, shabby grunge ephemera, printable library card, date due card, junk journal printable

Here are two aged and shabby vintage library cards. They are from the book Birdcraft, by Mabel Osgood Wright, a recent addition to my collection. When the book arrived and I saw these old lib…

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Pocket Watch Tattoo Design by ~AaronLecours This gave me a great idea! Wings on a clock (Time flies) and somehow attach it to a dream catcher (Catch your dreams)!

Follow the white rabbit

- Enter the Rabbit Hole ::: “ LiNkS to the ” ::: ::: The (sur)realistic argument as a source of illuminated confusion “We understand confusion, individual chaos and nonsense as the.

plum pudding recipe, old book paper, shabby cookbook page, junk journal printable, vintage Christmas food

These three shabby and aged vintage cookbook pages include a variety of ways to make plum pudding. The recipes are: Baked Plum Pudding, An Excellent Plum