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such a cute and chic way to carry your keys and avoid the "jingle jangle" aka "I sound like a jail warden" vibe

leather key case: sandqvist I'd like to make a bigger one for my medieval size key. Maybe a big one on one end of the strip and a modern size one on the other so I always have my keys on my belt,

Leather MacBook Pro Air Case Brown side felt

This case is made of classic saddle Crazy Horse leather, it was designed for MacBook Pro 13 inch, MacBook Air inch and New MacBook 12 inch. Thick wool felt on the back fells good in your ha

Whipping Post Military Duffle Bag

When my Dad came home from Vietnam, he held on to his old canvas military duffle bag. We used it for years and even as a kid I had a fascination with the top-load style. We've recreated this bag, but

Desk Organizer Wood Desktop Organizer Office & by iWoodDesignUA

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