'I'm not! Of course I'm not, why else would I have to go to teraphy?! I always wanted someone to save me! ...but I understood that I'm the only one that can really do that.. and I gave up. I didn't fight anymore, so I can't help myself anymore..........' -Kazaya

Tring to act like your okay when your not takes a toll >>> When your favorite character dies, or the anime leaves you on a cliff-hanger

People ask me if I'm okay and I say, "I'm just tired" so it doesn't seem like I'm complaining about feeling so shitty all the time just for attention.in reality I am tired of all these things

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this is such an awful feeling, especially if logic is trying to tell you that it's ok to cry in front of people

Don't cry infront of them, please just fight back the tears. Please, just don't let them see me cry. Anxiety in those situations. I know this feeling so well. I hate it. This feeling is the worst. Anxiety causes it.