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Klaudia Górska
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Trencadis Mosaic Artwork and Dome atop the Gatehouse aka Gingerbread or Warden's House, Park Güell, Barcelona, Spain by architects: Antoni Gaudí and Josep Maria Jujol, photo by Danilo Atzori

Getting the model to hold an old image of themselves creates a sort of timeline, from young to old. The soft lighting possibly created by a soft box creates a soft range of tones, making the image light and easy to look at.

Photographer: ©Betina La Plante, PLACE PEOPLE, 2012 World Open of Photography, Photo Description: Actor Terence Stamp holding a photograph of himself taken 35 years earlier.

The Endless from Sandman Comic Series Poster.

The Sandman, Neil Gaiman. Really, anything by Neil Gaiman is phenomenal. The Sandman is a graphic novel, which is amazingly approachable for graphic novel newbies like me :)