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2KM2 is a groundbreaking collaboration between two growing artists of modern music: 2K and M2. 2KM2 is named after the combination of their names/surnames (KK/MM) as well as 2 square kilometres.The duo collaborated in the past on many projects up until they realised they wanted something more and created this exciting project called 2KM2.Their music is a modern crossover of electronic rock, punchy beats, catchy harmonies, surprise your brain, 80's, pop and alternative music >

2KM2 - WHAT'S COMIN'? (Feat Buster Keaton) @Billboard

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2KM2 - WHAT'S COMIN'? (Feat Buster Keaton) 2012 2KM2 - WHAT'S COMIN' Video Remix featuring footage of Buster Keaton Films from the 1920's. Music by 2KM2

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The unexpected remix....2KM2 - WHAT'S COMIN'? - M2 Piano Version

2KM2 - WHAT'S COMIN'? (Feat Buster Keaton)