klaudia piasecka

klaudia piasecka

klaudia piasecka
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Ocean waves + Sunset

The beach is a place that I enjoy being at. It gives me a sensation of peace and harmony. I love to play and relax at the beach, trying to find new and interesting objects. The scenery for me at the beach is forever lasting.

Wishes on the wind ~ blow dandelions and watch the seeds float away. At the same time, let go of your stresses, concerns, and worries.

Sunset in Ibiza, Spain. Don't miss the night time skies of Ibiza, they are beautifully breathtaking. Find out more about Ibiza

Blue Bells!

Bluebells - what gorgeous color they bring to one's garden. Bluebells are a perennial; they come up each spring, and are a delight. I have several planted in a shady area underneath an oak tree. The best time to plant these bulbs are in the late summe


The colors in this photo are striking. The vivid blue of the background with the complementary colored orange tulips is very effective. The vibrant greens really stand out as well. The tulip has such a graceful shape.