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Mystic Messenger | I would absolutely love to see Saeran in the deep route with Jumin and Seayoung^^

commission for sorry for the long wait. I actually wanted to do a FA of these K boi for a while, and thank you for giving me the opportunity&n. coM:_MYsTic-mEsseNgER/mM

Jetara <3

Zutara i wish this was a thing << Zutara was the original ship that the producers were going for. I am sort of torn between Zuko or Aang for Katara, Who's your favorite pairing?

Haikyuu!!, Hinata Shouyou, Tsukishima Kei

, Hinata Shouyou, Tsukishima Kei >>> All of Hinata Shouyou's ships are so cute!