Klara Sidorczuk

Klara Sidorczuk

Klara Sidorczuk
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One of the coolest tattoos possible. Part of Shelley Jackson’s Skin project, a 2095 word story published exclusively in tattoos. one word on any willing volunteer so it can never be read in its proper order, it just exists.

Channelzero Prose: Illustration by David Lemm :: I am in retrograde orbit/ As parchment disintegrates in the rain / Drops

Shichinohe Masaru

The paintings of Japanese artist Shichinohe Masaru, born in Japan in A dark and surreal world for this artist who is also called "Maboroshi", which means

Light,flat-no depth or spark straight plain simple light

Hanging Light by Lukas Peet Canadian designer Lukas Peet has created the Hanging Light, using an energy efficient fluorescent bulb. It literally hangs from its electrical cord. When illuminated the colour of the yellow or gold is added to the soundings.