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Combining the name with imagery this logo type creates an image using simple edited text. Creating an interesting yet unique logo type that one might see on perhaps some type of makeup brand.

Awesome Art We've Found Around The Net: Alien, E.T., Mad Max, Seinfeld - Movie News | JoBlo.com

Here's a fun Alien inspired piece of cartoon style fan art created by Evgeny Schmidt(Otto Schmidt, Russia). It features Ripley, her cat Jonsey, and a friendly Xenomorph. artist noteit's not Sigourney Weaver. It's a character Mikka

Designer and Illustrator Peter Stults is back with more movies re-imagined.

Check out this fan made poster for Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy that imagines if the movie was made during the and starred Michael Jackson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Christopher Lambert, Grace Jones and Andy Warhol.

Rejected logos and designs, Herb Lubalin & Associates 1971

Designer: Herb Lubalin Found in: Rejected Logos I wasn't expecting to find Herb Lubalin designs when I looked for potential typography designs in the tag, but I did.