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Krystian Kulasek

Krystian Kulasek
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Pojazdy opancerzone i pancerne (nie tylko) z drugiej wojny światowej II - Joe Monster

Tank battle by night on the Eastern Front, circa Pretty sure that’s the battle of Kursk which would put this at Almost any point between 5 July 1943 and and 23 August

Rodzice - fani ciężkiej muzyki

Kids Lip Sync To Korn Like Rock Stars. I can totally see Matt teaching our kids how to rock out to metal music. This is the cutest thing I have ever seen

Jaś Fasola w popularnej sztuce - Joe Monster

When caricature artist Rodney Pike photo-shopped Rowan Atkinson aka Mr Bean's iconic comic expressions and intelligently inserted them into some of history’s most famous artworks, the results were qui

Co będzie na 100 procent w nowym Dragon Age: Inkwizycja

Sunrise concept art from the video game Dragon Age: Inquisition by Matt Rhodes, my favorite series, can not wait for this game.