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abandoned bus

Kudzu: the vine that ate the south - and a school bus, too! (When I was a kid visiting my grandparents in VA, my brother used to tell me that the kudzu would get me if I stayed in one place too long outdoors. I believed him. Brothers are jerks!

In the central part of Hoy Island is located mysterious monument of the past - Dwarfie Stane - enormous sandstone slab left by glacier. Some 5,000 years ago people with unknown methods and unclear purpose hollowed out this stone, creating a passage with two side chambers. Passage was plugged with a 1.5 tons heavy stone plug - door.

Dwarfie Stane, Orkney Islands in Scotland. No one knows how and why the prehistoric people made this fantastic cut in live stone - but they did it! Seems, this was done some 5 - 6 thousand years ago.