An image of an 18th century painting of an aristocratic woman wearing a large hat

English, Lady Wearing a Hat Adorned with Feathres (circa Watercolour on ivory © The Tansey Collection

Marie-Antoinette’s children: Marie-Thérèse Charlotte de France (1778-1851), dite “Madame Royale”, et son frère le Dauphin Louis Joseph Xavier François (1781-1789) -( Détail ) - 1784 - painted by Elisabeth Louise Vigée-Le Brun (1755-1842) one of my favorite painters.  This painting always brings tears to my eyes.

“ Marie-Thérèse-Charlotte de France and her Brother le Dauphin Louis-Joseph-Xavier by Elisabeth Louise Vigée-Le Brun ” A copy of this painting (by Lebrun!) was recently sold at.

Marie-Antoinette                                                                                                                                                     Plus

Marie Antoinette with her two eldest children, Marie-Thérèse Charlotte and the Dauphin Louis Joseph, in the gardens of the Petit Trianon (by Adolf Ulrik Wertmüller, Portraits Marie Antoinette

1789 traveling outfit by ~Lisette-la-cousette on deviantART

Green Rider idea - dark forest green jacket/overcoat with lighter green jacket/vest 1789 traveling outfit by ~Lisette-la-cousette on deviantART

Love the redingote!  This lady does fabulous work!

in the Pipers house at the resort of Medevi Brunn, the swedish answer to the brittish Bath in the century. here i am wearing my new long sleeved anglaise in striped cotton with an A-line front.

▴ Artistic Accessories ▴ clothes, jewelry, hats in art - Thomas Gainsborough | Portrait of Georgiana, The Duchess of Devonshire, 1783 | Legend has it that this portrait was stolen by Adam Worth, and that he slept with it under his mattress for 20 years.

portrait of georgiana, duchess of devonshire and the infamous "picture hat" by thomas gainsborough.

rococo portrait - Pesquisa Google

Self-portrait with a Harp Rose-Adélaïde Ducreux (French, Oil on canvas. Metropolitan Museum of Art. Ducreux exhibited this self-portrait at the 1791 Salon. She depicts herself.

Antoine Vestier - retrato de dama com livro junto a uma fonte (1785) - masp

Antoine_vestier retrato_de_dama_com_livro (Portrait of a Lady with a Book), 1785 Oil on canvas 130 x 97 cm Sao Paulo Museum of Art

"...In the Evening I went to the Ball. I had an English Night Gown of muslin with silver sprigs and all white..."  Extracts from corresponde...

I had an English Night Gown of muslin with silver sprigs and all white." Extracts from corresponde.