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Petra, Jordan. Light rays in the caves.

Khao Luang cave temple, Phetchaburi, Thailand Almost mythical path. Travel+Leisure has one incredible gallery of this incredible place, by photographer Craig Ferguson

Iranian battle-mask, from the Safavid Dynasty (16th-18th c.) (Shahada inscribed on the top)

Iranian battle-mask, from the Safavid Dynasty c.) (Shahada inscribed on the top) (Scanned by me. Don’t remember the source.) I always thought this mask would make for some rather epic inspiration for a Middle-Eastern cyber-/steam-punk thing.


♔ Akhenaten Egypt's "heretic" Pharaoh ~ He began a new monotheistic religion centered around the Aten, a non-anthropomorphic sun god.

Akhenaten - formerly Amenhotep III; led the Amarna Revolution; the father of Tutankhamun and husband of Nefertiti

Amenhotep IV-better known as Akhenaten, the new name he took early on in his reign-ushered in a revolutionary period in Egyptian history.

Amenhotep III

Head of Amenhotep III Wearing the Blue Crown Egypt, New Kingdom, Dynasty reign of Amenhotep III Date: c. BC Medium: granodiorite The Cleveland Museum of Art

Nisroch is the Assyrian god of agriculture, in whose temple king Sennacherib was worshipping when he was assassinated by his own sons in revenge for the destruction of Babylon. His identification as a god in Mesopotamia is unclear. Some suggest he could be the same as Nusku or Dagan.

Sumer: Anunnaki are called great engineers Special features:Eagle head, Wings, Holding a pine cone. Holding the briefcase