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an image of two ponys with different hair colors
Рэдиант Хоуп (Radiant Hope)
an image of a cartoon pony with purple hair and black tail, holding a wand
Король Сомбра и Рэдиант Хоуп (King Sombra and Radiant Hope)
an image of two cartoon characters fighting each other with the caption long live the king
Long Live The King! Shining Armor And King Sombra
the ponies are standing next to each other
an animated image of a demon with horns on it's head and red eyes
shadow's born in our hearts
Сомбра (Sombra)
a drawing of two cartoon characters with the words cryt'assesss on them
a black and gray animal with horns standing in the woods
an animated image of a knight with red eyes and horns on his head, standing in front of a brown background
two ponies sitting at a table in front of a blackboard with writing on it
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