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Sunny é um espirito elfo e ensinou para os primeiros elfos o dom da luz e da cura. Mas quando faliram eles passaram a seguir Dracaris que os ajudou voltar a prosperar.

Larean palace // ugh I WISH THIS WAS MY HOUSE. look how bangin that is. it looks like jjar jar's house. i'm gonna go ahead and imagina that right over that ledge is a jar jar pit with thousands of jar jars i can throw my enemies into.

recreate the area into more of a rocky walls and triangles and a map carved into the floor instead and this is the entrance of Raz's hidden treasure

Entrance to the Chamber of Snakes in the Dark Ones' Colony (notice the snake at the top of the door ;-)) The Colony is three, enormous stories high, so this fits. ~ The Blood Curse Series by Tessa Dawn (Artwork by Jae Cheol Park)