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the text on the phone says, i was running late on my way to my mom and dad's house and realized there's two different types of parents
two tweets that are on top of each other, one is saying netflix and the other says netflix you little flirt
a tweet that reads, i filed in for my parents today at my little sister's college graduation
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an image of a man with a beard and the caption that says, my van gets stolen me where did my
two texts that are on the same page and one has been edited to say she's not wrong but did she have to say it?
a man holding a microphone on top of a field with the caption that reads, i'm 26 and she 12 she wants me what should do?
the text on this tweet reads,'my mom is trying to pick a color for her new wheelchair and me and my dad is telling her how i got black and she's just like
the text is written in black and white with an image of a child on it
a tweet with the caption that reads, i had to interpret this deal guy
the text on this tweet reads,'me claiming down my fork after finishing my second cheesecake take a wild buddy '