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an outdoor area with colorful cushions and rugs
8 Ways to Transform Your Porch Into a Bohemian Escape
so many textiles in this beautiful boho porch!
a person standing in front of a large piece of art with circles on the wall
Isabella Ducrot (© Nicolas Matheus)
an older woman is working on some art work
Isabella Ducrot
Isabella Ducrot
an art piece in a wooden frame with different colored shapes and sizes hanging on the wall
three different pictures showing how to make a cross stitch art piece
1 Year of Stitches as Seen Through One Embroiderer's Hoop
1 Year of Stitches project by Michelle Anais Beaulieu-Morgan
four pictures showing different types of fishing lures
Tutorial: Belt Weaving Using Nylon Cord • Recyclart
Tutorial for weaving a belt
an old piece of denim with torn edges and holes in the middle, is displayed
So Young Choi: Landscape of Gaya (ARCO8 - Madrid)
So Young Choi: Landscape of Gaya (ARCO8 - Madrid) | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a piece of art that has been made to look like a man's face
Eduardo Morales
a pile of beads sitting on top of a table
Thick & thin yarn weaves up pretty cool, eh?
a close up of a piece of fabric on a table with a needle in it
Hannah Lamb
A journal following the thoughts and reflections of a textiles practitioner
two balls of yarn sitting on top of a wooden table next to a wall hanging