Kuba Sokólski

Kuba Sokólski

Kuba Sokólski
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Waterscraper by Mathias Koester | Germany, 2007

The Waterscraper is a floating building. It can drift within the open sea, move to a different location or it can anchor to achieve a fixed position.

This is beyond amazing! Futuristic City in the Sky Provides Tranquil Oasis Away From Urban Life.

This incredible futuristic City in the Sky is a concept design by London-based architect Tsvetan Toshkov, in which he envisions a tranquil oasis high above

Protective Patterns | Yanko Design

The PLEXUS collection of gear finds safety, flexibility, ventilation, performance and cool looks in an intricate voronoi web that adapts to the wearers movement.

shoe | honeycomb

What are the latest trends in patterns and structures? 17 trends from geometric, hexagon, organic, wet look, progressive patterns & colors etc.