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Anime horror. It pretty cool to say with her red and black eyes. Almost as a ghoul looking.

*dead* Kya! We went out for a little bit, and when we came back this guy was at the gates of the tower on the ground... We don't know if he'll make it, or if we have enough medical supplies... *frantic tone* {Don't worry, maybe someone will notice the search lights...} 289 is working on him now, but *heavy swallow* Idk...

しきゃく on

Boku no Hero Academia || Midoriya Izuku

Bloody anime boy Tokyo Teddy Bear

Drake: is a spirit of a forest who fell in love with a human, but when he confess his live to her, she ran away screaming freak. Tell someone eles non-human type of girl came.

Anime gore...guro...eroguro...creepy...anime

This is amazing! I absolutely love it! I like how he has horns, but also a halo. Is he a demon, or an angel?

o_o Aw poor dude :( << Reminds me of a "villain" I had one time; Jamie aka The Puppetmaster