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¿Confundis a los Orientales? Yo te Explico.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Japanese Alphabet: There are three different japanese alphabets: ♢ Hiragana, uses with kanji to make japanese words ♢ Katakana, used for words coming from the english ♢ Kanji , used usually with by pair, or with hiragana - Japanese Language

A REAL tree house! It's like the REAL old home that I always wanted to own say…

A REAL tree house! It's like the REAL old home that I always wanted to own say down in GA or SC. Wrap around porch, Mint Juleps. summertime in the south! in a TREE!

FREE SPIRIT SPHERES   British Columbia  Get this: You can actually RENT these FREE SPIRIT SPHERES  About $44,700 to buy and install; $134 for one-night rental  Looking like something out of an Ewok village in Return of the Jedi??  These thingies were built to be sanctums for meditation.  most hang from at least three trees, and may include power, sound, and telephone wiring, as well as a sink. they also rents out his spheres on a per-night basis.

Tom Chudleigh set out to build boats and ended up making these sophisticated treehouse spheres that are suspended via wires from old-growth trees or any other stationary objects. Pricey but cool.

How to keep your garden getaway clean.

another cool tree house by cwhaticreate.I would love to live in a treehouse one day! (maybe after I am retired?) but that would be awesome! Or maybe I could get by with a tiny house if I also had this to escape to as I want a two stoy home