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Can't keep the sherlock fandom away

Look Jawn I'm Humpty Dumpty ~ omigoodness what is wrong with this fandom?oh the feels why?<<<ok so many feels. But also, as I kid I never knew Humpty Dumpty was an egg.

This is too adorable.

"Stay humble darling, it is one of your most endearing features!" <--- "That's such a nice thing to say about someone. So many feels." <-------This whole thing is just too precious

hahaha! #Sherlock

i actullaly saw a sherlock headcannon that said sherlock secretly spent an hour in the morning doing his perfect curls. hahaha <<<Well he does have flawless curls. The hair crew took a lot of time on it.

Just Mark Gatiss everyone

Is it sick that I knew what response was coming as soon as I read the question?