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three id cards with lanyards attached to each one that are different colors and shapes
Play Festival - ESTUDIO CRU
Play is a festival that aims to see children and youth in a diverse, inclusive and participatory way and to broaden perceptions about education based in the city and its diversities. Reflecting on the multiplicity of themes that the festival wants to address, we started from concepts such as collaboration to create a connected and plural graphic visual. In addition, the repetition of shapes suggests movement, printing the idea of ​​mobility, both social and in relation to the city itself.
there are three different colored tags on the same set of lanyards, each with a name tag attached to it
ArtPrize Seven Branding - CONDUIT
ArtPrize Seven - Event Branding - Badges
three id cards with lanyards attached to each one that says, professionals charlotte obriga
Peru Design Net
Peru Design Net on Behance
an assortment of business brochures with images of people in different colors and styles
several awards are placed on top of each other for the best new york city conference
Conference Pass
two tags with the faces of people on them, one in pink and one in purple
Corporate Office Identity Card
Corporate Office Identity Card by Andrew Trofimenko on Dribbble
an id card with the words digital economy series on it and a clipping attached to it
Badge of Honor [2/2]
several different types of tags hanging on a wall next to each other with the same color
AIGA 2011 National Conference: Pivot
three mobile screens showing different styles of yoga clothes and their names on the front, side, and back of each screen
Who, What, and Why – A Guide to User Testing Methods | Toptal®
user onboarding improves conversion optimization
an id card with a lanyard attached to the front and side of it, on a gray background
Forecast 2016 Conference Badge
Forecast 2016 Conference Badge