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DIY flower link on the other pins from Martha Stewart
Woman sitting - Etude from @matteau.swim - All drawings, images, photographs and graphic design is protected by the provisions of the Code of Intellectual Property and belong to Frédéric Forest.  Do not to infringe the intellectual property rights relating to such elements and in particular to reproduce, display, modify, adapt, translate, extract and / or reuse a qualitatively or quantitatively substantial part, to the excluding acts necessary for their normal and according to…
Essas mãos colocadas era oque  antes me dizia que você me amava...e que hoje me perguntam"pq me iludiu?" "pq me fez chorar...mentiu pra mim,me decepcionou,me abandonou,???!!!" Não precisava de tudo isso era preciso apenas dizer "ACABOU"
Minimalist couple line art. Black and white romantic by siret
Hands - image #2378411 by KSENIA_L on
Original line drawing. Minimalist kiss sketch. Black and white art by Siret Roots.
bungalow in the burrough
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ED HODGKINSON : EDITIONS - 8 December 2011 Hosted by The Scarlett Gallery, Stockholm.
Woman thinking - Etude #fredericforest #fineart #instaart #woman #figurative…