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a young man and woman standing next to each other on the sidewalk in front of a building
If You Shipped Rory & Jess On 'Gilmore Girls,' You Need To Read These 13 Books
three people standing in a circle with their mouths open
Everyone is doing something weird except Ashton
the words are drawn in different styles and colors on a white background with black lettering
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
This Basically Defines Them. Credit to whoever the hell made this masterpiece
three people standing next to each other with balloons in the shape of numbers on them
☼ 5 Seconds Of Summer California ☼
HOW COME IVE NEVER SEEN THIS AHHHHH>>>first of all Luke looks so adorable when he winks and second Calum probably thinks it's a doughnut
a woman in a black leotard holding a tennis racquet
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Perfectionnnn. Want to do that some day. Fitness, Bodybuilding, Poses, Dance Poses, Fotografie, Fotografia, Photo, Dancer, Joga
Perfectionnnn. Want to do that some day.
a woman is standing on one leg in front of a taxi while stretching her arm
The Last Dancer | Dance Lifestyle Shop & Blog
La grâce à l'état pur #6 (photo Brandy Melville)
a woman's bare legs and feet with tattoos on them, in front of a white backdrop
pointe. And I've still got these ballet skills ❤️ - NIK
a woman is jumping in the air at the beach
a woman is dancing on the floor with her legs spread out in front of her
Grace, poise and fabulous photography