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Rudolf Affaire Mayerling (musical)

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Rudolf, Affaire Mayerling - Lisa Antoni – Mary Vetsera

Stephanie from Rudolf Affaire Mayerling... I want to be a vindictive, cheated-on princess...

"So Viel Mehr" or So Much More from the Wildhorn musical Rudolf: Affaire Mayerling. The English translations are too literal, but it's a pretty song anyway

03. January: Rudolf - Affaire Mayerling (Wildhoern, Murphy). Viennese cast (Rudolf - Drew Sarich,Mary Vetsera - Lisa Antoni, Taaffe - Uwe Kroger, Franz Joseph - Claus Dam, Marie Larisch - Carin Filipcic, Stephanie - Wietske von Tongeren). First time. It's... nice. Absolutely conventional, not one tune which would enthrall me, not at all as surprising conceptually as "Elisabeth"... but still, rather nice.

Rudolf- Die Affaire Mayerling 2. Teil

Du bist meine Welt - Rudolf -Affaire Mayerling - Drew Sarich Gänsehaut- Alarm

Rudolf - Affaire Mayerling, ending, english subs

Rudolf,Affaire Mayerling - Drew Sarich