Kinga Zurek
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Fluent Landscapes / Måløv Axis by Adept Architects and LiWplanning
Reminds me of an iceberg -- and iceberg themed public space would be fun! Charlotte Ammundsens Plads by 1:1 Landskab
Leicester Square
Exterior benches | Street furniture | Harris | Metalco | Sjit. Check it out on Architonic
Sculptural Stacked Wooden Bench in Geometry Shape
Love this seating for every size and shape!
Optimal Seating | Alberto T. Estevez, the Genetic Barcelona Project's creator, also helped create the Biodigital Chair. Using parametric design tools, its designers determined the optimal shape for seating, then grew a layer of grass over the wooden model.
LIFT modular, re-deployable seating. Click image for link to full profile and visit the boards >>
this undulating wooden structure on the japanese island of hokkaido has been conceived as a simulated forest.
#landarch #urbandesign City Street and Station North Plaza / ASPECT Studios