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“A few tips on how to avoid being tracked online:”

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Hi! I'm Susie! I'm a curriculum developer at Panicked Teacher. On my blog, I share classroom tips, teaching ideas and upper elementary resources.

Decoding Drills for Building Phonics Fluency

Decoding drills for fluency helps students apply phonics skills when reading. They're perfect warm ups and a great intervention/tracking tool, too.

Excellent Chart Featuring 6 Reading Comprehension Strategies

Free resource of educational web tools, 21st century skills, tips and tutorials on how teachers and students integrate technology into education

Tools for Teaching Phoneme Segmentation - Make Take & Teach

The ability to separate the sounds of a word is called “phoneme segmentation”. It’s a critical skill in both learning to read and write. By six and a half/seven years of age students should be able to tell you the sounds in a word. So, for example, if given the word “cat”, the student should […]

The 6 Education Theorists That All Teachers Should Know

A cheat sheet of education theorists and their research based teaching practices.

Auditory Processing Disorder: 10 Ways to Help Your Child

Does your child exhibit signs of an auditory processing disorder? Find out why APD causes struggles in reading and spelling, and what you can do to help.

Free Letter & Sounds Assessment Binder for Kindergarten

Kindergarten is TOUGH, in all capital letters. If you're a new Kindergarten Teacher, brace yourself. If you're a returning Kindergarten Teacher, give yourself a hug and buy yourself something nice, you deserve it for re-entering the jungle by choice. I LOVE Kindergarten, and have dedicated the last four years of my life to mastering the art of Teaching the Little People. <3 With that being said, I've decided to let go of my deep passion for solely teaching Kindergarten and leave it for an…

Susan Jones Teaching: Phonics Poetry for Grades K-2!

Do your young learners have poetry journals?! Mine do and we love them. The main question I have been asked in the past is what I put inside my journals and I created a resource to help answer that question. Most of the poems in our poetry journals are phonics poems, but I also […]

Dyslexia ActivitiesDyslexia StrategiesDyslexia TeachingMultiple DisabilitiesTeaching Biology

How Reading Changes the Brain

What does reading do to your brain? See how reading changes the brain, and how good reading instruction affects the brains of struggling readers.

All About Phonological Awareness | Sweet for Kindergarten

Learn all about what phonological awareness is, the difference between phonemic awareness and phonics, and ideal ages to teach each skill.

Phonics Intervention

As you probably know, phonics is an essential component of reading instruction. Before you read this loooong post all about how to teach ph...

Maximize Reading Comprehension with SQ3R | Literacy In Focus

Maximize reading comprehension with the SQ3R strategy. Teach students how to become stronger independent readers by surveying, questioning, reading, reciting, and reviewing the text. Use SQ3R to teach students will how to engage with the text and make reading a functional learning process.

Phonemic Awareness Activities

Phonemic Awareness Activities with Teacher Task Cards!You know phonemic awareness is so important, and you do it in small groups...but sometimes it's hard to remember ALL the skills in the spectrum. Sometimes it's hard to think of one more pair of rhyming words. Sometimes it's hard to generate those...

CVC Intervention with Assessment

Do you have students who need more experience with CVC words? This download is a complete CVC intervention packet. What you get in this download: Flashcards Letter cards for "making words" Directions for "making words" Elkonin Boxes Word Sorts Fill in the letters printables Assessment with graphic...